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How to update osCommerce version

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Lets say we would like to update osCommerce version to the latest one. The process is quite easy. It requires only to download the newest version from osCommerce website and upload it’s files on top of the current installation. As always, before doing any changes make sure to take a full backup of the website files and the database. Backup can be easily created by using provided contorl panel backup feature.

Start by visiting osCommerce website and download the version to which we are going to update. Then extract downloaded archive to the local drive and connect to FTP server. For this reason, power up FTP software like FileZilla and connect to FTP server by using FTP login details.

Once connected, select extracted files of the newer osCommerce version and upload them on top of the current installation. Wait for the files to be completely uploaded and check the website by opening it through web browser. If there won’t occur any error during update process, osCommerce should be updated to the latest version.

If we are facing with any trouble to update osCommerce, there should be a manual included in the osCommerce release package. In this manual we should find detailed instructions how to install or update osCommerce.

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