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Migrating osCommerce to New Host

In case you require migrate your osCommerce website to the new hosting server, it is the quick enlightenment of the approach that enables you to hold the migration process without some downtime and without any loss of the order or the information of the customer even with the fact is that in the spread period, the guest can visit the new host server or the older hosting server.

This spread period is owing to the truth that the DNS servers all over the world can have cached the older record of the DNS that points the name of the domain at the older IP. These important caches can continue alive for equal to forty eight hours sense that you cannot be sure that the guest will absolutely move to the new host server in this spread period even with the fact is that you have simplified your name of the domain to the point at the new servers name.

In the very first situation copy all the files and the database. If you are require to copy the entire files of the website files from the previous server to the latest hosting server. The sluggish and the least dependable method to perform this are through the File Transfer Protocol. By utilizing the FTP program, you must really download the entire files on the old host server to the Personal Computer and after than upload all those files from the PC to the new host server. This can obtain an extensive time period, particularly the part of uploading process.

For the entire database you require to make a backup file through the control line or export from the PHP my admin section. Such as the FTP for the entire files, in case you utilize the PHP my admin then you must download the backup file to the PC and after that upload this to the new host server. A superior way for shifting the entire files and the backup of the database is to utilize the copy all the files straight from the older server to the new host server.

New Server Configuring

Unluckily the osCommerce websites frequently require global register to be permitted. They even utilize the old shaped long type of arrays. That defines that you will most likely require editing the arrangement of the new host server to facilitate these old features of the PHP.

Making sure not any loss of the Information

To ensure that you do not misplace any consumer or the information of the order, we require taking a pair of additional steps. Throughout the spread period, there is the different option which you will be getting orders on both of the host servers. In case you do not take some extra procedures, then you could have orders and consumers on both of the servers which have the similar id number on the data.

An easy explanation is to basically correct the auto increment assessment on the orders and the consumers table. Once the spread period is complete, you can utilize the simple script and use the new server.

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