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How to Add osCommerce Template

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First of all, download the template file which you want to add to osCommerce then you must save the template files to the folder on your system. The archive manager will make the osc named folder in your root folder. You must upload all the maters of this particular directory of your web server. In case you desire the shop to be started by typing the name of the domain in the address bar of the web browser then you can do this. In case you desire to position the store into the some directory of the web server known as shop simply make this directory on the web server and upload the matters of the / osc directory to the / shop directory. For this your online store will be accessible via enter the address of the website.

Now left click on the Install command button to acquire the after that step.

For, perfect installation process makes sure in both boxes like the Import Catalogue Database Box and the Automatic Configuration box and after than click on the Continue command button.

As the osCommerce utilizes the database to hold the data, you must fill up in the entire fields to offer the details on the server. The osCommerce script of installing will import the values from the particular file web_root/shop/install/oscommerce.sql to the database which you position to the web_root is the way to the root catalogue of the web server.

  • Database Server – Address of the database server
  • Username – Name of the user who have all the rights to make and modify the database
  • Password – The Unique password
  • Database Name – Name of the database of the osCommerce
  • Session Storage –Storage to maintain the values of the sessions

Now click on the Continue command button for the after than step. The osCommerce will procedure the test link to the server. Then you will be knowledgeable regarding the outcome. In case the osCommerce fails to procedure the link, then you must obtain in feel with the admin to ensure the settings of the server.

Now click on the Continue now command button. The osCommerce will append the values to the record at present. This procedure can take more than a few minutes.

Make sure the configuration settings of the osCommerce. It is suggested to remain these settings except you must modify them. After making sure the settings click on the Continue command button.

We suggest that you save all the settings with the structure other than make a fresh user account for the OsCommerce.

To, complete the installation process click on the Continue command button. Now you will be exposed the notification regarding the successful installation.

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