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Securing osCommerce

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The essential security actions you can bear out to defend your online shopping store. A few of the safety steps have definite needs of the server which can or cannot be accessible to you, based on the plan of the hosting.

There are some tips are the superior place to begin for each owner of the osCommerce store to take in sort to protect their installations:

  • Change the name of the Admin area to anything else.
  • Delete the administrator file known as the file_manager.php and the file known as define_language.php.
  • Change the Password or the IP address to protect the area of the admin area by utilizing the file .htaccess through the cPanel.
  • Now install some of modules for the security to protect the website.

Ensure that you’re settings of the admin area for the sessions of the file-based and the cache not in use the temp directory.

As the expansion on the osCommerce is recognized to be the very slow, averaging among the six to twelve Months between the updates, it is very significant to take the pro-active loom in protecting the osCommerce and keeping in front of the newest issues.

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