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How to make a database backup

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Having database backups is probably the most important thing while running online commerce website. Since database saves mostly all information we are displaying in the website, even a small mistake that crashes the database might cause big problems for the entire website. That’s why osCommerce as well as most content management systems implemented database backup feature in admin backend. Therefore, we can protect our data from any loss by creating database backups over osCommerce backend.

Follow these steps to make an osCommerce database backup

Follow the steps below for how to make a database backup.

Login to osCommerce admin backend and navigate to “Tools>Database Backup”. There we will find database backup manager for managing already created backups or create new ones.

To create new backup, simply click on the “Backup” button in the right side of the window.

Create database backup

Next window will appear where we can select whether the backup should be stored in the server or it should be downloaded only.

Start creating database backup

Check the checkbox for “Download only (do not store server side)*” to get database backup downloaded instead of keeping it in the server. Then start creating the backup by clicking “Backup” button.

If the backup is not very large, it should be created in a moment. New backup will appear in the “Database Backup Manager” window.

That’s how easy and fast we can create database backups in osCommerce admin backend. Also, from there we can restore specific databases as well.

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