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osCommerce Requirements

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The installation of the OsCommerce can make on Online Merchant on any PHP enabled web server that can attach to the MySQL database. This is comprised of common servers, devoted servers, and the local installation process running on the Linux operating system, and the Windows systems. There are three requirements for the osCommerce such as the web server, programming language PHP, and for the database MySQL.


A web server has to either support PHP as the particular module or permit finishing of the scripts CGI. For the reason relating to the performance, Fast CGI recommends over the CGI.


The Online Merchant OsCommerce is fine suited with the programming language PHP. For the purpose of the presentation and the reasons of the security, it recommends using the new PHP 5 edition on the server.

The below mention PHP alternatives are recommended to be placed in the configuration PHP file:
Register-globals – it should be Off
Magic-quotes-gpc – it should be kept as Off
File-uploads – this option should be On
Session-auto-start – this should be kept as Off
session.use-trans-sid – this will also keep as Off

The both of the following PHP extensions are compulsory:
MySQL – MySQL is the extension of the database.

The following subsequent PHP extensions recommended:
GD – this is the Image processing module.
cURL – it shows the Network communication library.
OpenSSL – this is the Encryption library.

MySQL Database Server

Every minimum required version of the MySQL is v3.23. It suggests for utilize of the more recent MySQL 4 or MySQL 5 edition on the server.

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