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osCommerce Softaculous Installation

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At the starting, you need to login to cPanel account and locate the icon of the Softaculous that is under the section of the Software/Services.

Locate Softaculous In Software Services

In the after that step is to left click on the icon of the Softaculous. Then you will be forwarded to the fresh page that is the automatic cPanel of the installer. Now you are able to install fresh programs, able to build the backups, able to import the accessible sites, and many more. Left side of the display is the category list. To continue with the installations of the osCommerce locate the section of the E-Commerce and left click on to make bigger. You can distinguish the list of programs which you can easily install. Locate the link of the osCommerce and then left click, in order that the Softaculous will start the screen of the installation process.

Select osCommerce From ECommerce

The recently encumbered page offers short details of the osCommerce program and the all characteristics. You can even interpret the review regarding the platform. Now left click on the Install command button:

Click Install Button

This is a very significant step in that you require to offer additional information regarding the osCommerce site. A few of the fields are involuntarily overflowing by the Softaculous for the handiness. Though, we sturdily recommend you to evaluate the values of the subsequent parameters of the configuration:

1. In Directory: Automatically the Softaculous is install the osCommerce program in the root directory and you can access the site by using your name of the domain. In case you have a preference to install this in the subdirectory, so that enter the name in the field of In Directory.

Softaculous Software Setup

2. Store Name: your site name and automatically it is situated to the My Store. You can modify it to somewhat else that superior explain the major reason of the new site.

Softaculous Store Settings

3. Admin Username: Automatic this admin username field is situated to the admin, in case you desire you can modify it to the different name of the user.

4. Admin Password: The Softaculous by default produces the exclusive password for the site. You can modify and type the new unique password that you can keep in mind very easily.

The final step is to spool down to the last part of the page and then left click on Install command button.

Set Login Details

Now, the osCommerce program is properly installed and prepared to utilize. The osCommerce installer will forward you to the fresh page where you will distinguish the platform of the e-commerce. You can at the present log-in throughout the area of admin and begin organization your site.

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