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How to Get Automatic Notification If There Is an Order Placed

To get an automatic notification if there is an order placed in the store front end, we only need to login to osCommerce admin backend and set required email address. More detailed steps are explained below.

Follow These Steps to Get Automatic Notification If There Is an Order Placed

Login to osCommerce backend and navigate to “Configuration>My Store” to find basic settings of the website.

There find such option as “Send Extra Order Emails To” and select it.

Send extra order emails

Click “Edit” button in the right side of the window to edit it’s settings.

Edit extra email settings

In the next step, enter email address which will be used for sending extra email with the notification about a new order.

Enter extra email address

Finally, apply the changes by clicking “Save” button. Email address will be saved in the store settings and used as a recipient for sending notifications about newly placed orders.

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