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How to enable usps shipping mod

USPS which translates to United States Postal Service is an osCommerce module for delivering the products through the postal service. It’s quite basic module and can be installed through osCommerce admin backend. Here we will show how easily it can be installed.

Follow these steps to enable usps shipping mod

Firstly login to osCommerce admin backend with admin rights. Then click on “Modules” section in the left side to expand modules categories.

osCommerce Modules

From the expanded list select “Shipping” category and click it where we will see currently installed shipping modules.

Shipping Modules

As we may see, by default it comes only with “Flat Rate” module installed. In order to install another module like USPS, we might need to go to the page where we can find available modules for installation. To do this, find a button for “Install Module” in the right upper corner and click it.

Install module

From the available modules list select “United States Postal Service” as we are going to install exactly this module. Then install it by simply clicking on “Install Module” button.

USPS install

After installing, go back to the shipping modules where we will find “United States Postal Service” module installed. By default it will be already enabled. We may edit it by simply clicking on the module name. Editing form will appear in the right side.

Edit USPS module

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