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How to create a new account

Creating a new account in osCommerce website is quite an easy process. All it takes just fill the form with required information and submitting it. In other words, it’s the same as registration to any other website.

Follow these steps to create an account in osCommerce

To access registration form, we may open osCommerce website where we should easily find a link for registration. For example, we should find a link for creating a new account in a front page right after visiting the website.

Create a new account

Click on “create an account” link and it will open registration form in the next page. In the first part we will need to provide personal information as shown in the image below.

Personal details

After then we will need to provide some information about our company and the address. The first field will require to provide company name, but as this field is an optional, we may leave it empty if we are not representing any company. As for address information, we may need to provide values for the fields that are marked with “*”.

Company details and address

After providing address information, we may also need to provide contact information. This can be done right after the “Country” field.

Contact information

Here we can put our telephone number which is actually required and fax number as optional. We may also select checkbox for “Newsletter” in order to receive newsletters from the store we are registering at.

Account password

The final step is to set the password for our account. It needs to be entered twice as both fields are required. This password will be used to login to the store we are registering at. Once all fields are filled with required information, we may complete the registration by clicking on “Continue” button. Just in a few seconds, we will be registered in online commerce website and will be able to manage our account.

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