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How to Create a Custom Product Listing Page in OsCommerce

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In case you need to create a custom product listing page, osCommerce is quite flexible in achieving such customization. For this reason, you might need to edit its core functions.

Follow These Steps to Create a Custom Product Listing Page in OsCommerce

It is always advised to create a backup of the website files and database before adjusting core features. Once the backup is placed in a safe place, you may proceed with creating a custom product listing page.

The main files for product listing can be found in osCommerce installation directory “includes/modules”. In this directory, you should find the file “product_listing.php” which defines default source code for listing products. More specifically, there you will be able to adjust the code in order to customize product listing in categories and products listing pages.

However, if we would like to customize listing for the new products, this can be done by editing the file named “new_products.php”. It should be located in the same directory “includes/modules”. If you are not sure which exactly file needs to be edited in order to customize product listing, you can simply open source code for any page in which products are listed. There you should check how the products being listed. In some cases, you may find a link to the file which defines how the products being listed. You may open that file and edit it according to your requirements. If there are no link to the file, you can try to customize it directly in the file.

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