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How to correctly set up paypal express with only digital downloads

PayPal Express is one of the payment module that can be used in osCommerce system for allowing the clients to pay for the products. Since PayPal is widely used between online shopping websites, osCommerce also supports this payment module. Moreover, it’s free to download and install it by uploading the files to the osCommerce installation directory.

Follow these steps to set up paypal express

First of all, we should obtain module by downloading it from osCommerce addons website. Simply download the archive to the local drive and extract files from directory “catalog” to the local drive. There we should get folders “ext” and “includes” that needs to be uploaded in osCommerce installation directory. For this reason, launch FTP software like FileZilla and connect to FTP server by using FTP login details. Then upload required files on top of default osCommerce files. If it will ask whether to overwrite any files, select yes for all of them.

Secondly, login to osCommerce admin panel and navigate to “Modules>Payment” where we will find currently installed payment modules.

Payment modules

In the payment modules list we will find “PayPal Express Checkout” which will be used as payment module in our store. To access it’s configuration page, simply click on this module name twice with the left mouse button. The settings will appear on the left side of the window. There we will be able to set the following settings.

Choose whether to enable or disable PayPal Express Checkout module.

Enable or disable PayPal Express Checkout

Set PayPal API username, password and signature that will be used for PayPal API service.

PayPal API

Set osCommerce to use live or testing gateway server in order to process the payments. This feature can be useful when checking whether the payments being processed correctly.

Transactions settings

Also, it’s possible to set transaction method between authorization or sale. The selected method will be applied for each transaction method.

The next options allows to select for which zone this payment method will be applied. This can be selected from the “Payment Zone” list.

Payment zone

Additionally we can set order status which will be set for the orders made with this payment module. It’s possible to choose between “Delivered”, “PayPal [Transactions]”, “Pending”, “Processing”. Also, it’s possible to sort orders by displaying lowest as the first ones.

The final option can be used to define from which location cURL can be accessed.

cURL program location

By default cURL can be reached from “/usr/bin/curl”, but in some cases it might be different location depending on the server configuration. Finally, save the changes by clicking “Save” button.

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