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How to change shipping and return in the information box

By default osCommerce comes with information box which includes several links to the various pages like shipping & returns, privacy notice, conditions of use and contact us. If we will try to click on any link, it will show an empty page with a suggestion to add the content. And here comes the problem as we can’t simply put the text over admin panel and save the page. In order to add information in for example shipping and return page, follow the steps below.

  • Connect to the hosting server through FTP and open directory in which we have osCommerce installation.
  • Browse to the current language directory. In the case it’s English, go to “/includes/languages/english/” and open file “shipping.php” for editing.
  • Change the information which is available in the file or add new one by using HTML tags.
  • Apply the changes by saving the file. Once done, open the front page and click on “Shipping & Returns” to find new information we have just added.

Here is all we have to do to change shipping and return in the information box. The same can be done with the rest of the pages by editing files “privacy.php”, “conditions.php”, etc.

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