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How to add extra fields to create_account.php

Adding extra fields to create_account.php file means adding extra fields to customers so they could see additional fields when creating or editing an account. In order to implement such feature, the best way is to use already existing osCommerce module. Probably this is the only way we can add extra fields to create_account.php quickly and without spending lots of time configuring the system. It needs only to install the module and start using it.

First of all, download “Customers extra fields” module from osCommerce community addons website. Extract downloaded files from the archive to the local drive and check for the manual how to install this module to osCommerce website. Once installed, we may start adding extra fields as per module developers recommendations.

For example, we should place the following code where we would like to show extra fields.

<?php echo tep_get_extra_fields($customer_id, $languages_id)?>

The code above will add extra fields in our selected place. In the case of adding it to the file create_account.php, extra fields will be added to the customers and visible when creating or editing an account.

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