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How to Change Font / Colour / Size in osCommerce

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In this tutorial we will be looking how to change the font, color and text size in osCommerce. Generally, all the mentioned parameters can be changed in the CSS style file. You can open file “stylesheet.css” which should be located in the root directory of osCommerce installation. In this file, you will find various definitions that can be used to adjust style based things like font, color, size, etc.

Follow These Steps to Change Font / Colour / Size in osCommerce

As already explained, we should open file “stylesheet.css” for editing. Then we should locate the following line to change the font.

font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif;

Default font is set to “Verdana, Arial, sans-serif”, but you may set it to any other name from available fonts list.

Then we can look for the line which defines font size. In most cases, it is named “font-size” and it should be pretty easy to find it. For example, the line below will set font size to 12 pixels.

font-size: 12px;

By changing the number you can increase or decrease the font size.

Finally, you can change the color by editing definition which should be easy to locate as well. Simply find the line that says “color” with HTML color code. For example, black color will be defined in the following way.

color: #000000

The value for the color is used in HTML color code. In this case, #000000 means black color, but you are free to change it to any other. Just make sure to use it in HTML color code.

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