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How to Deactivate Module Without Using Magento Connect Manager

Follow These Steps to Deactivate Module Without Using Magento Connect Manager

There is a way to uninstall module without using Magento Connect Manager by setting their flags to false values in “app/etc/modules/” directory. If we take a look at this directory we will find lots of module specific .xml files that are storing various settings. An example of such file contains the following lines:

<Mage_Core />

As we can see there is a line containing:


that is setting whether the module is active or not. In order to deactivate it, we can simply replace “true” with “false” and save the file. Then we can go to the modules directory and delete the module files. If there is any information stored in the MySQL database which is related to that module, it might be worth to delete such records as well.

This is how easy we can deactivate a module without using Magento Connect Manager. This method might be useful if a module is conflicting with the Magento web interface for some reason.

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  1. David Smith


    Thanks for this really helpful How To! I installed a module which crashed Magento

  2. hasee

    hi, i am in trouble. i want complete backup of Em multideal pro extension ( magento 1.9.1) from my running site. i tried but unable to locate its file and module files. i dont know its file and folder structure .. is there any way to complete backup of any installed module or extension from my site???
    plz fix my issue…Thanx

  3. kliggs.de

    Hey are you talkin about uninstall? What you’re recommend is deactivating. Uninstalling mean for me to clean the magento root folder of all files and also the database tables and / or any rows in the config table.

  4. Barbara glowam

    Thanks for sharing such an useful information. Keep sharing.