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How to manage your customers in Magento

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Magento is a new player with a background full of experience in e-commerce industry and build a future mission, a public technology toughness that can used by anyone. Magento aims to provide support for online businesses to achieve business goals in various aspects such as, reducing the burden, cost, and time. Magento users are a new generation of online businesses that are willing to bring creative ideas and add some positive benefits on business. Therefore, it can say that magento is a platform where control held entirely online business without compromising the flow and business processes online. Magento provide security for any online store present you with SSL certificate features that you can gain the trust of customers because of the convenience of doing transactions.

Usually in a variety of online stores, to be able to do the transaction, the customer must register or sign up first, so that online stores have customer data and transaction processing and facilitate the delivery of goods. Usually, new customer can access the website or online store and sign up via the main page and then access my account, click on create an account. After doing so automatically sign up the customer data is stored on the online store software related. Several steps should do online businesses to add new customers through Magento Customer Management:

  • Open magento admin area
  • Click customers section
  • Click edit
  • Click customers groups from customers section
  • Monitoring users from online customer from customers section option

Functions of customer management features magento is to accept new customers and breaks it then do the monitoring for each user is online. Magento Customer management can also change the details of all customers, including username, password, address, monitor messages, shopping cart, wish list items, review, tag, and manage newsletter. With this feature expected to provide customer convenience in doing the sign up and shop. Profits earned by online business through customer management are able to respond quickly to customer needs. Speed in handling customer is key online store to attract more customers to continue to conduct transactions on your online store, so you can achieve the goal of developing a successful online store and get the maximum benefit. Magento not only offers advanced features, but also simple and easy to understand online businesses, and not only offer the best service but also provide a quality platform that provides online convenience for business people in developing businesses.

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