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How to Validate Product Quantity in Cart

Let’s say you would like to validate product quantity in the cart during the checkout process. What you would like to achieve is that product quantity in the shopping cart shouldn’t be more than fixed value. For example, it shouldn’t be more than 500. In other words, if the visitor has already added 500 products to the cart, the system shouldn’t allow him to add more products after clicking update shopping cart.

Follow These Steps to Validate Product Quantity in Cart

An example of 500 product quantity in Magento cart looks as follows.

Shopping cart quantity

If you have advanced skills in web programming, especially with ecommerce platforms, it shouldn’t be hard to implement quantity validation by doing it in several ways. One way of doing this can be found below.

var qty_fields = $$(".qty");
var max_qty = 500;
var error = '';
for (var i = 0; i < qty_fields.length; i++) {
if (qty_fields[i].value > max_qty) {
error = "Maximum allowed quantity is "+max_qty+".";
qty_fields[i].value = max_qty;
if (error.length) {

As you may notice from the script, it’s counting all products in the shopping cart and checking total amount with defined value. In this case, it’s 500. If the quantity is more than 500, it shows the message that maximum allowed quantity is 500. That’s the basic example how this method can be applied or Magento shopping cart and it should be working pretty easy.

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