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How to Use Magento Custom Options to Upload File in the Product Page

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One of Magento features is the ability to use custom options to upload additional files in the product page. This can be useful for any customer that needs to upload their supplementary files for customizable products. Custom options can be adjusted in Magento admin backend by editing specific product.

Follow These Steps to Learn How to Use Magento Custom Options

Login to Magento admin backend and navigate to “Catalog>Manage Products”.

Magento products catalog

In the next page we can see our product list. Click on any product to open its editing window. There we have settings and options to customize the product. In the left side menu look for the “Custom Options” button and click it.

Custom Options

To create new custom option click “Add New Option” button in the right upper corner.

Add custom option

It will show a new form for creating custom option. In this case will create a file upload option.

File upload option

This form will require to enter the title and select input type. For the title we can use anything we want to see in the product page and for input type we should select “File” option. The rest of the fields can be left blank. Once done we can save it by clicking “Save” button in the right side menu.

Save option

Finally, we may browse the frontpage of the store to find the product for which we have added custom option. Now it should look as follows.

File upload in the product page

Here we can click “Browse” button and select the file which we want to upload. Then click “Add to Cart” button and the file will be added for the product. Finally, we can continue with ordering the product which will be completed with uploaded file.

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  1. midun

    Hi.. Am trying this.. But I am getting error as Please specify the product’s required option(s). and my url is http://drugbazar.in/index.php/pellentesque-porttitor-9.html.
    can anyone knows to solve it?

  2. davi

    the image can be upload normally at frontend but at backend the image not works, because saves at a temporary folder.. how to solve this problem? I need access the uploaded file at the order…

  3. Shubham jain

    I want the user to upload multiple files. How can that be done?

  4. Rahul

    Please tell me how to validate if we can validate if it is a jpg image.

  5. Simon Walker

    Using Magento custom options is usually either complex or the desired option is not available. It’s better to make use of an extension. You can find more than one Magento file upload extensions which you can use to upload downloadable files of any extension such as PDF, PPT, MP3 and video to products.

  6. Asad

    Thanks for sharing, the question is it safe? Magento is a secured platform but allowing user to upload file on may open a door for hackers to enter by uploading malware? Along with upload I am looking forward for a solution to display downloadable files as product attachments on front end. I was considering this extension https://www.fmeextensions.com/product-attachments.html but before I go for it, is there any similar and easy way to do this?

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