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How to import products using CSV files

Importing products to Magento by using a CSV file is relatively easy. You only need to upload the file with the product data to Magento database and it will update instantly. This method is commonly used when transferring products from one store to another. In this tutorial we will show you how to import magento products

Start by logging in to Magento admin panel. Go to System -> Import/Export -> Import to access the importing page.

Import settings

In this page you can select what content will be uploaded and set its behavior. Usually, it’s enough to select the “Entity Type” as “Products” which will mean you are going to import the products. Then click on “Browse…” to select the CSV file.

Next, click on “Check Data” in order to check if all information in the file is correct. If there are be any errors, they will be shown in the same page. You can also click the “Import” button and the upload will start. Once the products are imported, you should receive a message “Import successfully done.” which means it was completed successfully.

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