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How to Delete or Edit Categories

Since Magento is a powerful software for running and managing e-commerce business, it provides all the necessary features required for daily store management. For example, we can add or remove products, integrate various modules, modifications, etc. Here we will explain how to delete or edit categories in Magento admin backend.

Follow These Steps to Delete or Edit Categories

Step one. Login to Magento admin backend by using a web browser and putting “http://www.domain.com/admin” in the address bar. Then we will be asked to provide admin credentials in order to access the admin area.

Log in to Admin Panel

Once logged in, navigate to “Catalog>Manage Categories” to access categories management page. There we should find already created categories that are available to use and customize. For example, let’s open any category from the left side menu.

Categories list

Simply click on “Furniture” to expand its list of categories. Then click on any item from the furniture list and you should see an editing window. More specifically, you will be able to set or edit its name, description, add images and thumbnails, keywords etc.

Edit category

These settings available under “General Information” tab. By checking another tab named “Display Settings” we will be able to define in which way content should be displayed. Also, it is possible to add custom design while editing specific category and view the products assigned to this category as well.

This is how you can edit the category over Magento admin backend. In order to delete selected category, simply find and click a button for “Delete Category” which is located in the right upper corner.

Delete category

Category should be deleted successfully. As you can see, it is really easy to manage categories in Magento web interface and that is the main reason why major e-commerce business owners uses this software.

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  1. Peter Silie

    sorry for my bad english.
    What is, when I get to categories who are the same (duplicated). I just want to delete one of them. Can I delete them like your example?