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How to configure conditions on shopping cart rules

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Sometimes it might be needed to configure various conditions on shopping cart. In most cases, this can be useful when providing free shipping if the price matches our criteria and we can afford to pay for shipping from our side. Such rules will be automatically applied in checkout stage. For example, we would like to set free shipping if the price for ordered products is equal or greater than defined price. In this case, we should follow the steps below.

First step. Navigate to “Promotions>Shopping Cart Price Rules” to access shopping cart price rules.

Shopping cart price rules

Create new rule by clicking on “Add New Rule” button in the right upper corner.

Add new rule

In the next page we will need to fill the form with general information in order to create new rule. Simply provide rule name, description and the rest of the settings.

General information

Second step. Click on the “Actions” in the left side menu to access advanced rule settings.

New rule actions

There we can adjust various settings for the new rule like discount amount, maximum times discount could be applied, etc. Here we will also find the option “Free Shipping” which will let us to enable free shipping. To enable this option, we should select one of two parameters: “For matching items only” or “For shipment with matching items”.

Finally, save newly created rule and it’s about the time to check how it’s going to work in the store frontend. If the discount being applied, we can assume rule is working as should. It’s also possible to set more conditions like apply the rule only for specific categories of products, etc.

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