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How to Add the Yellow Star Rating System

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It is a common practice to use some kind of a rating system for products on shopping websites. This way visitors can rate and/or review the products according to their quality or customer satisfaction. By collecting rating results, website owners are able to summarize which products are most and least satisfactory and make important decissions based on that. Also, it tends to attract more visitors for the products that have higher amount of good ratings.

Follow These Steps to Add a Star Rating System

To start creating ratings, log in to Magento admin area and navigate to Stores Rating.


In the next page click Add New Rating to add new rating.


You will need to specify the rating title. As shown in the image below, it is possible to set default title which will be used for various stores or one for all. In this example we are creating rating with the title Price which will be used to rate the product price. To add this rating, simply click Save Rating button in the right upper corner.


The same way we can create any other rating that could be used to rate product quality, value, etc.

Once all ratings are created, open shop front-end and click on any product to explore its details. There you should find more detailed information about the product including the amount of provided reviews and a possibility to add your own review.


This will open a new window to rate the product.


By implementing this easy and straightforward rating system, you will have a much better overview of your client opinion on your products.

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  1. siva

    i want to set ratings look like yours web page rating,

    how to set please help me?

  2. Meena

    Thanks, It is very good

  3. Rick

    This worked fine for me, thanks. But how do I modify the All Reviews dashboard to include more columns? I especially want to add the stars, now that I have successfully enabled them!

    Also, could you please make it so the Summary of the Review actually shows up in the finished review? Right now the customers writes the review and must include a summary, but then that summary disappears before the final review is posted to the public. Those summaries combined with the stars are the most important parts of the review.

  4. Host1Plus Staff

    Hello, Rick! As this matter covers some technical background, could you please contact our support team regarding this question and also attach some screenshots so that we would have a better understanding of what exactly you would like to do. Thanks!

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