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How to Set up PayPal for Magento Store

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PayPal is the most popular online payment method used by all kinds of online businesses. It would be hard to find an online store or hosting service provider that is not offering to pay or accept payments for the services via PayPal. Magento is developed to be fully integrated with PayPal as well.

Follow These Steps to Set up PayPal in Magento Store

To access PayPal integration settings, login to Magento store admin panel and navigate to “System>Configuration” and click on “Payment Methods” under “SALES” section. From there you can start configuring PayPal as a payment method for the store. The first step is to set merchant country.

Merchant location

The location should be the same to which your PayPal account is associated.

Next step is to select the type of PayPal payment method. Since Magento comes with various types of methods available, we will use standard method. To open its settings, expand “PayPal All-in-One Payment Solutions  Accept and process credit cards and PayPal payments.” and click “Configure” for PayPal Payments Standard.

Configure PayPal Standard payment method

There you will be asked to provide some PayPal settings. Firstly you will need to provide email address which is associated with the merchant account.

PayPal settings

Simply enter email address which will be used for accepting the payments. Once it is entered, another option “Enable this Solution” will be activated. This will allow to select “Yes” and enable this payment method. After configuring these settings, we can proceed with basic settings.

Basic PayPal settings

Here we can set the title of the payment method which will be displayed when the visitor is in the shopping cart and proceeding to checkout. You can give its own name or leave default one.

Sort order can be used to sort payment methods on the checkout page. This can be useful when using several payment methods in a single store.

Payment action offers to select either “Sale” or “Authorization”. It sets the way how the payments will be processed within the PayPal payment system. The sale method means that payment is being authorized and saved in PayPal side. Also, the order and invoice are created in the store backend. With authorization option payments will be authorized on PayPal side and only orders will be created in the store backend. To save the payment, store manager needs to access merchant account at PayPal website and review the payments.

After setting these settings, you may also want to check advanced settings that are available by expanding “Advanced Settings” option.PayPal advanced settings

In this section you can start selecting which visitors will be able to place the order and make payments. If you set it to “All Allowed Countries” it will allow visitors from any country to make the payment via PayPal. By selecting “Specific Countries” it will expand the list in which we will be able to select specific countries to allow or deny paymets.

Sandbox mode defines whether your PayPal payment method integration is in testing or production mode. It can be useful while testing PayPal payment method in Magento store. While it is set to “Yes” any payment being made in through checkout page is not being processed which leads to credit cards not being charged. In other words, we are absolutely safe from any payment and transactions being recorded in the merchant account. Once testing is done, sandbox mode should be set to “No”.

Transfer cart line items should be set to “Yes” if we would like to transfer items and their prices in the shopping cart lines separately line by line. Setting it to “No” will make all the items to be transferred in the same line with their price total value.

If you set debug mode to “Yes” then all information about the sent and received payments of payment system will be recorded in the log file. Due to security reasons, credit card information is not being included in the log file.

In order to enable host authenticity verification you should set “Enable SSL verification” to “Yes”. This way your store will be more secure and therefore, customers will be safe from loosing their credit card data.

This is how you can start integrating PayPal payment method in Magento store.

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