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How to set up SEO for Joomla?

Once you logged in to the backend of Joomla, we can begin with the fundamentals by tripping the ‘Global Configuration’ segment. It is the very last command button in the control panel window, you can also obtain it through the steering menu by moving the mouse over the website and selecting the ‘Global Configuration’.

Joomla Global Configuration

Once within the ‘Global Configuration’, you can place the title, meta description, and foremost meta tags for the site. We will utilize this site all through the tutorial. In the third line behind is the ‘Site Name’ box, this is the major title which is showed at the top of the browser window and as the link in different Search Engines.

Joomla Site Name

Note the page title at the top

The title of the page is a very significant thing in your site spiraling up in the results of the search engine. The title of the home page is what is exposed as the link to your home page of the website in Google, Yahoo and other main search engines. Utilizing the keywords of the website in your title of the page is the simple method to augment the rankings of your website in search engine.

Lower than this segment is the setting of meta data, this is wherever you can place the description of your website and keywords. These important settings have a global meaning as they will relate to each page on your site by default.

Joomla Meta Data

The complete description will turn into the small text introduction below the link in the results of the search engine, it is very important to utilize it as numerous of your keywords should be remained as short as possible. Search engines will simply show around two hundred fifty characters or a few lines of the text.

The website meta keywords is where you may put the main keyword that search engines will connect with your site. Imagine of what you would investigate for in case you were searching for your site and utilize those conditions. There are a number of software online to assist you when approaching for your unique keywords.

When placing the keywords in the box, divide particular words with the comma and utilize the single quote marks to divide phrases with the comma. No additional spaces are necessary between the terms and phases, only a comma is required.

This particular setting is originated on the right side of the sheet in the Search Engine Optimization Settings box. This manages the technique Joomla shows your links in the web browser bar.

Joomla Search Engine Optimization Settings

These are not twisted on automatically. In case they are place to off, you have to rename the htaccess.txt file on your web server to .htaccess or else you will obtain Page Not Found errors message. Remember that various extensions of Joomla are not friendly with SEO of this CMS and will not function correctly in case the settings are bowed on. In case you are not certain regarding the settings, feel free to contact us for additional details.


Now click on the ‘Save’ command button.

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