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Best Joomla extensions

Joomla is currently one of the most popular Content Management System. It is open source, so you can start using it at any moment. Joomla can offer numerous advantages since it has countless patterns, modules and plug-ins that can help you customize your site in any way you want. Since there are so many of them and it is impossible to try them all, we have selected what we think are the five best Joomla extensions.

Community Builder

Community Builder is an extension that allows you to incorporate a social network to your website. This can be very helpful for a growing website in which the number of users is increasing. With the help of Community Builder, you can keep track of the users and enable them to interact with each other, as well as keep contact with them yourself. This free extension enables users to register, share files, upload images and create forums or newsletters.

Virtue Mart

Virtue Mart is a powerful shopping cart addition that is used by numerous e-shops both small and large. This powerful cataloging tool allows easy management of your users and shop content. It is free and can be downloaded and customized without any limits. It makes your client accounts easy to administer and simplifies viewing their order information. Virtue Mart also makes things easier for your clients to make a payment.


JCE is a Joomla extension that makes content management way easier. Especially for those, who do not know HTML or CSS. It involves such features as file and picture handling, among many others. Also, it uses a layout similar to MS Office, so you’ll already be familiar with it before even using it.


Joom Fish is an extension that allows you to develop your site in multiple languages. It can be used without patching any files and supports a few plug-ins. It’s one of the best solutions when your site needs to run in more than one languages.


The only extension in this list that is not free, JomSocial is a large extension for Joomla that allows you to build your own social network and it’s one of the most popular extensions when it comes to that. It offers many features that allow sharing media, sending messages, personal account walls, groups and many more.


Joomla extensions in your website is a great way to have an attractive and easy-to-manage site.

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