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Empty List of Language Switcher Module in Joomla 1.7

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In Joomla 1.7 you may face an issue when the language switcher module list is empty. This problem might occur even if Joomla is newly installed and does not have any upgrades or modifications, but with an additional language installed.

This issue may be caused because of these reasons:

  • The content was added in both languages that are installed in Joomla. It means you have the same content added in the pages but in different languages and it turns out to be a conflict in Joomla language settings.
  • Menu items for both languages were made within one menu with an anchor feature. In this case, menu items were connected to each other.

If you have exactly the same language and menu settings in the Joomla website, most likely that is what causes the empty list in the language switcher module. To fix this issue, you should create separate menus for each language and set a default menu item for a particular language.

Follow These Steps to Empty List of Language Switcher Module in Joomla 1.7

Create a new menu by going to Menus -> Menu Manager -> Add New Menu.

Add New Menu in Joomla
Fill the form with required details for the new menu. Type in the menu title, type and description.

Apply the new menu by clicking the Save button.

Save New Menu
Set language for the newly created menu. Navigate to Menus -> Menu Manager to view the list of available menus.

Joomla Menu Manager
In the next window you should see the following created menus.

Joomla Menus

Click on any of them to get to the page for menu editing. There you will be able to adjust various settings which include changing menu language.

Change Menu Language
Select the language which will be applied for the particular menu. Apply the changes by clicking Save.

Now you should be able to select languages in the language switcher module. If there is a different problem causing this issue, you should use additional sources that describe Joomla Multilanguage.

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