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How to delete Joomla installation

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Deleting Joomla installation is probably easier process than installing it. All we need to accomplish is to delete Joomla files in the public_html directory of our domain name. Also, since Joomla is using database, it might need to be deleted as well.

Joomla removal procedure can be done either by using file manager through server control panel or via FTP. From there we should be able to delete all Joomla files.

Delete Joomla files through FTP

However, in most cases it should be enough just to delete domain name from server control panel. All files associated with domain name should be removed as well.

Once website files are removed, it’s time to delete the database. To do this, we can navigate to MySQL management page and select the database which was used for our Joomla website. After selecting the right database, remove it by clicking the appropriate button for deleting it.

DirectAdmin MySQL Management

Here is how easily Joomla can be deleted from our server. The process is easy and doesn’t require any configuration or adjustments comparing with installation process.

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