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Cannot Get past Step 1 of Joomla Installation

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Follow These Steps If You Cannot Get past Step 1 of Joomla Installation

If Joomla got stuck during installation during the first step, there is a high possibility of hosting server misconfiguration or Joomla files itself. To troubleshoot the first case, you might need to contact with hosting provider support service and check with them what might be the problem on their end. Of course, if Joomla is being installed on dedicated server where you have full access to the server configuration and logs, you should be able to find and fix the issue easily.

If your hosting provider confirmed that the server is configured properly, then it might be the faulty Joomla files that are causing the issue. To verify that, let’s enable debug mode. It is possible to do this by editing configuration file which is located in the public_html directory of Joomla installation. Simply find and open file “configuration.php” for editing and locate the following line:

public $debug = '0';

If the value is set to “0” this means debug is disabled. To enable it, change value from “0” to “1” and save the file to apply the changes. After that, refresh installation page and you might get possible debug output which might explain what is causing this problem.

In case the above methods dno not resolve your installation issue, you can always contact Joomla developers through the forums and ask what might be the problem. Here is one explanation what could be done when installation is not passing through the first step.

Access Joomla files and open file “libraries/joomla/session/session.php” for editing. Locate the following line:

ini_set('session.save_handler', 'files');

Comment it by adding “//” at the¬†beginning of the line or replace it with this one:

//ini_set('session.save_handler', 'files');

Apply the changes by saving and closing the file.

According to Joomla developers this method should not be used in the installation process, however, if it solves this problem, we can go ahead and complete the installation.

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