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User registration options in Joomla

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Joomla gives you four front-end user options: Registered user, Writer, Editor and Publisher. It also provides you with three back-end user types: Manager, Administrator and Super Administrator. In this guide, we will provide you with information about each and every of them:

  • Registered users can see content that non-registered users can’t but are unable edit anything. Users with the Author role can write articles and edit the ones they write. However, they cannot edit the content of someone else. Editors, on the other hand, can correct any article by any author. Lastly, Publishers have very similar abilities to Editors, except they can also decide which articles are public, unpublished or even deleted.
  • As for the back-end users, the Manager is like the back-end equivalent of a Publisher. Just as Publishers, Managers can edit and create any content as well as new sections in the site. What they can’t do is change Joomla mechanics. An Administrator uses all of these privileges and he can also install additional components to the site and change privileges of any other user, except for Super Administrator. They also cannot change any global configuration settings or change site templates. And finally, Super Administrators can basically do anything. They can change whatever they please and access every area of the site.
  • To change Joomla permissions, the first thing you should do is log-in to the admin area and move to User Manager section. Find the user whose roles you wish to change.
  • After you have found the user, click its username and in the Group section you can move the user to another group of users with different privileges. After that the user privileges will be changed.
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