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How to import/export Joomla?

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Importing and exporting Joomla may come in handy in cases when you need a Joomla backup or simply need to move your website to another database.

Follow these steps to Import/export Joomla:

Go to phpMyAdmin and choose your old database

Joomla Database

Choose the table named jos_users if you are not using jos_modify in the left part of the list

Joomla Users Table

Left click on the export button on the upper side of the tabs.

Export Joomla Table

Choose SQL as the format of the database

Export Joomla Table in SQL Format

Below the Structure menu choose ‘Drop Table’ and deselect ‘If not exists’.

Select Drop Table Statement

Make sure the Save as File is on the base of the webpage.

Save Joomla Table as File

Click on the ‘Go’ button and save to hard drive.

Save Joomla Table To Hard Disk

Now do the same for the data tables ‘jos_core_acl_aro” and “jos_core_acl_aro_map’

Go to your new database.

Import Table

Move to jos_users and left click on the Import button.

Select Joomla Table

Click the ‘Go’ button.

Click Go To Import Table

Do the same for additional tables.

Go to your website and make sure that the import went fine.

If you are having issues, refresh the backups and start from the beginning.

If you are using the Community Builder, make sure you synchronize your users by checking the path Components > Community Builder > Tools > Sync users.

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