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How to convert page content on Joomla?

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To convert Joomla page content, follow this Joomla tutorial:

STEP 1. First, add an article for each static page, using the Article Manager. Make sure to describe the articles so you can find them later. For Front Page, select “No”. If you don’t have a lot of pages, leave ‘Section’ and ‘Category’ boxes uncategorized. Otherwise, you should organize your content to avoid confusion later. Most of the time you can just copy the content from an existing site to Joomla. If the HTML is customized, you may have to copy everything to a plain text editor and from there, to Joomla.
STEP 2. Attach your articles to the menus. Choose your preferred menu structure and in Menu Manager, add a menu item for every article by pressing ‘New’. Make it so that every menu item has the article layout.
STEP 3. Select articles for menu items in Parameters>Basic. Add menu items for the articles that you have created. Add submenus if needed. Go to Joomla Extensions>Modules. Open the Main Menu module and adjust the position of the menu on each page. In the menu assignment area you can specify how and which menus will be displayed. Select menu name from the list and then, the menu style you want to use. You can check how everything would look by pressing the ‘Preview’ button.
After doing all of this, your content should be available

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