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How to Turn On Native ZIP Support

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Native ZIP support is required for Joomla installation and if for some reason zip is not enabled in the hosting server, the installation might not complete.

Follow These Steps to Turn On “Native ZIP Support”

Zip is a feature of PHP. If you are using a shared hosting service, you might need to ask at support center to enable it. However, the majority of hosting providers already have this feature enabled by default for their shared hosting services. To ensure zip is enabled, you can simply check current PHP configuration by using “phpinfo()” function. This function can be implemented in any PHP file of your hosting account and opened in a web browser. It should show the following information.


As you can see it shows that Zip is enabled. Therefore, you can complete Joomla installation without worrying about ZIP support.

If you are trying to install Joomla on your own VPS or dedicated server, you will need to enable ZIP support in PHP. More information on this field can be found by visiting the official PHP website.

Also, according to some sources, ZIP support can be enabled in the server by executing the following command with root rights:

yum install php-pecl-zip

Please note, the mentioned command is compatible only with CentOS server environment.

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