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How to Log in to the Joomla Admin Panel

Like many content management systems Joomla also provides an interface for managing the entire website. It is called administrator panel and can be reached by placing it’s URL in the browser address bar.

Follow These Steps to Login to Joomla Admin Panel

Open web browser and type in administrator URL in the following form: www.domain.com/joomla/administrator Make sure to replace “domain.com” with the actual domain name. Then we should get the following login form.

Joomla Login Formc

Now you will need to type in administrator username and password. Typically, username is “admin” and the password is a secret string combined with upper case and lower case letters, number and special characters like !@#$% etc. These details usually comes with every Joomla installation and the password is being generated automatically.

Once you have filled login form with correct username and password, it is time to access the admin panel by clicking “Log in” button. If login details are correct, you should see admin panel page.

Joomla Control Panel

If there will be any mistake in the username or password, you will get the following statement “Warning Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet”. This means you have entered wrong username or password or the particular user does not exist in Joomla installation.

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