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How to Install a Content Language

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Content language is required when changing default language in Joomla administrator panel. By default Joomla comes only with English (UK) content language installed. To install additional content language, follow the next steps.

Follow These Steps to Install Additional Content Language to Joomla CMS

Login to Joomla administrator panel over web browser by placing its URL in the address bar. Fill in the username and password supplied after Joomla installation.

Joomla Administrator Panel

After successful login, navigate to Extensions>Language Manager where you will find all installed languages.

Joomla Language Manager

In the next window you will see installed languages that are available to use in Joomla environment. From there we can change default language and get it applied for the content. Simply select the checkbox for the language to be set as default and click on Default button to apply changes.

Change Default Joomla Language

Here we have tried to change default language to French. Please note, if there is no content language installed for this language, you might receive the following warning after applying new changes.

Default Language Saved. This does not affect users that have chosen a specific language on their profile or on the login page.
Warning! When using the multilanguage functionality (i.e. when the plugin System - Languagefilter is enabled) the Site Default Language has to also be a published Content language.

Most likely this means that you do not have content language installed in our Joomla interface. To do this go to the Content section in the Language Manager.

Joomla Content Language

Start creating new language by clicking New button. Then fill the form with new content language details. For example, to create content language for French, use the following information.

France Content Language

Finish the procedure by clicking on Save & Close button.


On the successful save process you will see newly create content language in the list.

Finally, new content language is created and ready to use with Joomla content. Furthermore, if we need another content languages, we can simply create them by using this tutorial.

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