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How to configure the database

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As most of content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, phpBB, etc. requires database for storing content information and various settings, the same is for Joomla. Without database it won’t be working correctly and we won’t see any content which is stored in the database. Therefore, before installing Joomla we must have database created with specific name, username and password.

Follow these steps to configure your database


Usually, major hosting service providers supplies control panel in which it’s possible to create database easily. For example, in DirectAdmin database can be created by clicking on “MySQL Management” in the user level.

DirectAdmin MySQL Management

In the next page, click on “Create new Database” in order to get the form for filling database details. There we will need to enter database name, username and it’s password twice.

Create new database in DirectAdmin

After filling all required fields, click on “Create” button and new database will be created. Also, we will receive database details in the screen.

New database details


In the case we have cPanel as control panel of hosting account, database can be created in user panel as well. Login to cPanel account and go to “MySQL Databases”.

cPanel MySQL Databases

In the next page, firstly we will need to create new database. It’s possible to do this by providing it’s name in “Create New Database” section.

cPanel Create New Database

Simply enter database name and click “Create Database” and it should show that new database has been created.

MySQL database created

Then click “Go Back” button to return to “MySQL Databases” page where we will need to create MySQL user. Fill the form under “Add New User” with required information.


Once the form will be filled, click “‘Create User” button and the user will be created successfully. Finally, we will need to add newly created user to the database. This can be done in the “Add User To Database” section.

cPanel Add User to Database

Simply select the right MySQL user and database. Click “Add” button to add the user to the database and set required permissions for this user on the selected database.

Grant permissions for MySQL user to database

Apply the changes by clicking “Apply Changes” and we are all set. Now when there is MySQL database created and ready to use, we can provide required details for database configuration. To do this, open Joomla installation page and proceed to the second step where we will need to provide database information.

Firstly it will ask to select database type. It’s possible to select MySQL, MySQLi and PostgreSQL. Usually it depends on what kind of SQL is running in the server.

Database Type

Second step is to set MySQL server hostname. If an internal server is used, hostname will be “localhost”. For external server it might be server IP address or it’s hostname.

Database Host Name

Next step will require to provide MySQL database username and password. Those details were provided after creating the database in the control panel.

MySQL database username and password

The last step is to provide database name and table prefix. Database name can be also obtained from server control panel at MySQL management area. As for table prefix, we can leave it default or set our custom.

Database name and table prefix

By completing all the steps we will get database configured for new Joomla installation. If all the details are correct, installation will be completed successfully.

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