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How to Change URL of Joomla Site

Decided to change Joomla website URL ? Here we will be explaining how to do it in easy and quick way. All we need to do is to set new domain name in Joomla configuration file. Since configuration file is located in the public_html directory where Joomla files are placed, it shouldn’t be a problem to find it by using file manager or FTP client.

Follow These Steps to Change URL of Joomla Site

Start with opening Joomla files through file manager or FTP client. File manager usually located over control panel of hosting service provider. Then navigate to directory where Joomla files are located and open file “configuration.php” for editing.

Locate the following line which defines website URL:

public $live_site = 'domain.com';

Replace ‘domain.com’ with new domain name and save the file to apply the changes.

Open web browser and try to connect to Joomla through your new domain. If everything was done correctly, the website should now run under a new domain without any errors.

This is how simple it is change Joomla’s website URL just by editing its configuration file.

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