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Cannot find configuration file

Finding Joomla configuration file is not so hard if you know where to look. It can be easily located in the public_html directory of Joomla installation. In this case, you will need to access Joomla files and browse the directory to locate the configuration file.

Follow these steps to fix file configuration issues

To do this, connect to your hosting service control panel and use the file manager for accessing the files. You can also use an FTP client like FileZilla. For the second method you will need to get the FTP login details which can be obtained from your hosting service provider.

If you’re using DirectAdmin, to access Joomla files you will first need to login to the control panel itself. Open a web browser and enter “http://www.domain.com:2222” in URL bar. Make sure to replace “domain.com” with the actual domain name. You should get to the login page where you will be asked for your username and password.

DirectAdmin Login

There you will need to enter your control panel login details. Usually they are being provided after ordering web hosting service. Once you are inside the control panel, you should find all available options to manage your domains, databases, emails, FTP, etc. To open file directory, find and click on “File Manager”.

DirectAdmin File Manager

When you open the file manager, you will notice several directories like “domains”, “imap”, “public_html”, etc. If you have Joomla running in the main domain, you can go directly to public_html. However, if it’s installed in the additional domain name, you might need to navigate to domains>domain.com>public_html. From there you should be able to find configuration file named “configuration.php”.

Here is how configuration file can be located when using cPanel as hosting account control panel. Firstly we will need to login to cPanel account by going to http://domain.com:2082/ which should also ask for login details.

cPanel login form

You will be able to login by providing correct username and password. Secondly, open website public_html directory by clicking on “File Manager” in the “Files” section.

cPanel File Manager

Click “Go” button and a new window with your files will be opened. In the left side main folders are located while sub-folders and all the rest files will be located in the right side of the window. To get Joomla website files, simply click on “public_html” in the left side and it’s files should appear on the right side.

To connect through FTP simply open FileZilla and enter FTP login details such as hostname, username, password and port. In most cases port can be left empty as most FTP servers are running on port 21 which should be set as default in FileZilla.

FTP Connection

Click “Quickconnect” and connection should be successfully established. Then you should get available files of your hosting account like “domains”, “public_html”, etc.

Connected to FTP through FileZilla

From there you can navigate to the folder where Joomla files are located. Usually this can be done easily by clicking on “public_html” directory.

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