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How to Turn off RSS Atom Feeds in Joomla 2.5

Follow These Steps to turn off RSS Atom feeds in Joomla 2.5

Login to Joomla administration panel by using administrator login form and login details.

Joomla Administrator Login Form

Next step is to find article manager. Usually you can locate it by going to “Content>Article Manager”.

Joomla Article Manager

Then click on the “Options” tab which is located in the right side toolbar.

Joomla Article Manager Options

Pop-up window should appear in front of the window. Find and click on the “Integration” tab.

Joomla Integration Tab

There you will find settings that shows how articles are integrated with other extensions. For example, we can adjust whether to show feed link in the articles or not.

Joomla Integration Settings

To turn off RSS feed displaying in the articles, simply click on “Hide”checkbox near the “Show Feed Link” label. It should look like in the picture below.

Hide Feed Link

To apply the changes click “Save & Close” button in the right upper corner of the pop-up window.

Joomla Save Integration Settings

Now we will need to adjust another Joomla setting in order to hide RSS Atom feed. In the top menu find and click on “Menus>Menu Manager”.

Joomla Menu Manager

In the next page you will find available menu items like Main Menu where our homepage is stored.

Joomla Main Menu

Simply click on “Main Menu” to get “Home” menu item. Click on it as well to expand its options. There we will find all available adjustments for this menu item where we should locate “Integration Options” and expand it.

Joomla Menu Integration Options

In this section find “Show Feed Link” and select “Hide” from the check list. The completed form should look as follows.

Hide Joomla Feed Link

Finally, apply the changes by clicking “Save & Close” button in the top right side.

Save And Close Menu Manager

Changes should be successfully saved and applied for your Joomla website. Now we may browse through the content and check if RSS Atom feeds were turned off.

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