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How to embed HTML code in Joomla articles

Since Joomla comes with all the advantage features for the content management, embedding HTML code in the articles is pretty easy. All we need to do is to access administrator panel by using specific link and put our login details. Basically, Joomla administrator panel can be reached by going to http://domain.com/administrator/ (please note to replace domain.com with the actual domain).


Once logged in to administrator area, navigate to the place where it’s possible to create and manage articles. In this case, navigate to “Content>Article Manager” where we will find all features to manage Joomla articles.


If we would like to embed HTML code in the article which already exists, we can simply open existing article and start editing it. Otherwise, we might need to create new one by clicking on “New” button. Then we should be able to prepare new article for our website. Simply put article title in the appropriate field and once it’s done, go to add the article itself. In this case we will be using it only for HTML code embedding.  Let’s say we would like to embed the following HTML:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>My First Heading</h1>
<p>My first paragraph.</p>

Since this is HTML code, not simple text, we will need to put it by using HTML source editor. It can be opened in the same article editing page by clicking on “Edit HTML Source”. Pop-up window should appear like this.


Then paste the mentioned HTML code in the text field of this editor and click “Update” button. In case of success, we should find the following look in the article window.


As we can see HTML code was embedded correctly and displaying required text in the output. From this point we can save the article by clicking “Save” button and we are ready to publish it to the website.

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