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How to change footer for Joomla

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The footer in Joomla site is some PHP files. The following steps are taken to change the footer to Joomla.

STEP 1. Browse to URL ( Uniform Source Locater) address for web and login to control pannel using name and password.

Control Panel Login

STEP 2. Launch the file transfer protocol in your system, the commonly used are FTP client protocol  file manager and file editor, this are softwares which you can download them from internet to your system to support the change from footer to Joomla.


STEP 3. In the directory of the root the Joomla enabled site you browsed there is a folder named ‘Includes’, double click to explore, click title footer.php and highlight, click edit. Again move down to the footer.php documents which starts with NOTE, modify the text after this word to the one you want in your site. Despite what, the word must start with NOTE.

Joomla Footer File

STEP 4. Modify the text of the footer following ‘?>’ symbol in the text in that line. Delete the original text and insert the the text you would like it to appear below of your website page.

STEP 5. At the top screen there is a tool bar menu, click ‘Save’ button, then close the manuscript editor and the control panel. After that open the Joomla site and the footer will contain the text you changed to as the footer.

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