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How to add Jommla new poll?

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STEP 1. Log-in to the back-end of the Administrator. To be taught how to perform this interpret: logging in or else out of the back-end of the administrator.

Joomla Admin Login
STEP 2. Left click on the Components> Polls item of the menu. You must observe the Poll Manager display.
Joomla Poll Component
STEP 3. Left click on the new command button on the toolbar to make your poll.
Create New Joomla Poll
STEP 4. Enter the query which you desire to poll in the field of the Title.
STEP 5. Enter the shortened heading of your posted poll in the field of Alias.
STEP 6. Modify, In case preferred, the numeral of seconds among the votes for all user in the field of the Lag.
STEP 7. Choose the ‘No’ or else the ‘Yes’ button which are in shape of the radio button to make public or not your poll.
New Joomla Information
STEP 8. Enter in the fields of Options the probable alternatives for the response of your poll.
STEP 9. Left click the Save command button or click on the Apply button from the toolbar to put into practice the new modified settings:
Save Joomla Poll

The Save command button on the toolbar will save your modifications and go back you to the Manager of the poll.

The Apply command button will put aside your modifications but depart you in the poll. You may then left click on the Close in case no additional modifications have been complete or save to depart this display to revisit back to the manager of the poll.

Joomla Poll Manager

You must observe the heading of your poll in the table of Poll Manager. In case you require correcting it, you may either twice click on the ‘Poll heading’ or choose the ‘Poll’ by examination the check mark option and then left click on the ‘Edit’ command button on the toolbar.

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