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How to Remove Welcome to Drupal Message Without Promoting to Front Page

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By default Drupal assumes that you do not have any content and posts a default message and site title like “Welcome to Drupal” and “No front page content has been created yet“. There are multiple ways to remove these messages.

Follow These Steps to Remove Welcome to Drupal Message Without Promoting to Front Page

Adding a new page with content and setting it as a default Drupal home page would automatically remove default messages.

In order to create a new page you will have to login as an administrator. Click on “Add Content” button and select “Basic Page“, see the image below:


In the newly opened menu fill in the Title and the Body of the page and click “Save” button. After saving the page you should notice the new link in the browser link bar which looks something like this: http:///drupal.host1plus.lt/?q=node/2. The most important part about this link is the code “node/2” – this is the name of your new page. You will need to use it in CMS system configurations.

To make your home page display newly created content page you will need to open “Configuration” section and select “Site Information“, see the image below:


In the newly opened page scroll down until you will notice menu section “Default front page“. There you will need to enter the name of your new content page, which is “node/2” in our situation (you may switch front page to any other page you will create by using the names of those pages, as described in the first step). Save these settings and refresh your home page to see the changes.

If you want to create a temporary blank page without adding additional one it is possible to modify your home/front page by editing your themes templates file called “page.tpl.php“. It is usually located in your drupals directory : “themes/theme_name/templates/page.tpl.php“. Simply open the file and add following code after the “

$title = ''; // Will change the title of your default home page
$page['content']['system_main']['default_message'] = array(); // This will remove the 'No front page content has been created yet.'

After saving the file your default front page will not display any text or content. In order to add new content you will need to follow “Adding Content Page” section.

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