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How to Get Multiple Email Addresses in Actions for Workflows

Sometimes it might be useful to send email notifications for several email addresses instead of one when creating workflows. By default it’s possible to use only single email address for notifications but it might be a problem when trying to send emails for multiple recipients.

The solution for this matter could be additional advanced action which sends email notification for particular recipient. This way we can create multiple actions in order for sending notifications when it’s needed.

Follow these steps to get notifications sent to multiple adresses

Start with accessing Drupal admin panel and navigating to “Configuration” and clicking on “Actions” under “SYSTEM” table.

Drupal actions

In the next page choose “Send e-mail…” from “CREATE AN ADVANCED ACTION” list.

Create an advanced action

Click “Create” button to start creating new action. There we will be asked to provide such information as label, recipient, subject and the message. Simply fill the fields with required information. Once done, click “Save” button and new action will be created.

The final step is to assign newly created action to the trigger which initiates email sending on specific action which occurs in the website. Such action might be new registration or new post, etc.

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  1. Marcel jong

    As the title suggest this article does not explain how to sent to MULTIPLE e-mail addresses.


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