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How to delete a single rule from the database due to infinite redirection

When using the rules module, the website might start redirecting to itself over and over again. This is also a problem to the admin, since redirection occurs when trying to login to the admin panel as well. However, website redirection issues are not that hard to fix.

Follow these steps on how to fix redirection issues

The first thing you should try is delete all the files from the Rules module. This would at least disable the module from your website. Connect to your hosting account and navigate to the file manager. Locate the modules folder inside the directory where Drupal is installed. Open the Modules folder and delete the Rules directory. By doing this your will be able to log in to the admin page and make further corrections.

It might not be enough to just delete the files of the rules module. This module stores information in the database table, which won’t be affected by the deletion of the module files. You will need to delete specific rule information directly from the database table. To do this, access your database by using a MySQL client.

Once logged in, find the necessary database on the left side and click on it. It will show you all the tables from that database. Here you should find a table named “rules_config”. Note that it will be most likely with a database prefix, such as “drup_rules_config”.

Rules table

Click on the table to view its rows and find the rule which might be causing the redirection issue.

Rule row

To delete a specific rule, simply click on the “Delete” button.

Delete rule

After that, the rule will be completely disabled and shouldn’t cause problems with URL redirection anymore.

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