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Hosting Checklist for Drupal

If you want to migrate your Drupal website to another host, here are some settings that you should be aware of.

Most of these options are already set. Some of them need to be defined before you can be certain your migration will be without any problems.

If you have already uploaded without following this list and are stuck, you can need to turn off clean URLs manually before you can continue.

Some basics of the Server:

  • First of all, confirm clean URLs in the Apache server.
  • Upload the .htaaccess file along with other files. On some systems this file may be hidden.
  • Make sure the picture toolkit is in the PHP info, or in the Drupal admin page.
  • The PHP memory limit should be 32M
  • Ensure allow_url_fopen is updated.
  • Switch safe_mode to off
  • Make sure to turn off error creating. You can enable it when installing but other than that, keep in mind to turn it off.
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