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SEO for Drupal

SEO is a very important aspect of any website that seeks to gain traffic. It is vital for a site to be easily found and Drupal makes it easier to make the web friendlier to search engines. You can make your website search-engine-friendly by completing the Drupal SEO checklist below.

Follow these steps to improve Drupal SEO

The first thing you should do is edit the file named .htaccess in your Drupal directory.

Now, delete the contents of the .htaccess file and then put in the following code:

Rewrite Engine on
Rewrite Base /drupal
Rewrite Cond % { REQUEST_ FILENAME} ! - f
Rewrite Cond % { REQUEST_ FILENAME} !-d
Rewrite Rule ^ (. *) $ index. php ? q = $1 [ L, QSA ]

You must restore the way in the following row:

Rewrite Base / drupal

The next step is to log in to your Drupal website as admin and make sure that the module is enabled and working. This particular module is necessary for new URLs in the Drupal. Once you are logged in – left click on Modules:

Scroll down the page, locate the module, check the check box on the left side of the module section and save the settings.

The last step is to check the new URLs and make sure they are working. Click on Configuration in the top side list of the menu and then open the Clean URLs section.

Enable the Clean URLs check and save the changes.

And that is how easily you can improve Drupal URLs. Having accomplished these Drupal SEO essentials, your website will be more noticeable via search engines.

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