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How to build a site with major sub sections

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Follow these steps on how to build a site with major sub sections

Building a website with major sub sections is not so difficult when using Drupal feature called Taxonomy. This feature allows to manage tagging, categorization and classification of the content. What we basically can do is to categorize the content by grouping terms into vocabularies.

Lets say we want to have sections “webA” and “webB”. Moreover, “webA” should contain term “Web hosting” while “webB” should contain “Drupal hosting”. To have such structure, we can use taxonomy which is available in default Drupal installation. Simply login to admin area and navigate to “Structure” and click on “Taxonomy”. There we will see already created vocabularies.

Drupal Taxonomy

There we will be able to manage already created vocabularies as well as listing it’s terms or adding new one’s. In this case, we will need new vocabulary which can be created by clicking “Add vocabulary”.

Add vocabulary

It will open a new window which will ask to put the name and description. Since we are creating section for “webA”, there we can enter it’s name and the purpose of this section. Once done, click “Save” and new vocabulary will be created.

After that, we can go ahead and add terms for this created vocabulary. To do this, we can click on “add terms” near the newly created section name.

Add vocabulary term

Simply enter term name and it’s description. It will be associated with section “webA”. To apply changes click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page. New term will be created. Then we can go back to the “Taxonomy” page where we will see newly created vocabulary and will be able to create another one for “webB” and it’s term.

Once everything will be done, we should have created major sub-sections in our website. Therefore, it will be ready for adding the content which will be categorized accordingly.

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