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Getting Started with Drupal

If you are new to Drupal or CMS in general, this quick guide will provide you with the basics of creating and starting a website.

To add content in a Drupal site, you need to left click on Add content below the administrator area.

  • The article option is used for the blogs, information or similar posts.
  • The Basic Page option allows you to make a webpage;

To administer the structure of the Drupal site contents, you need to go to the Structure section.

In the following section of the tutorial, we will provide descriptions of other Drupal options:

  • Types of the Content – from here you can organize content types, adjust the default positions, the front page, comments, settings and others. You can create new content in addition to articles and basic pages.
  • Blocks – from here you can administer the blocks in your site. Blocks are the boxes which you can see in your website. Most are created by certain Drupal modules, but it is also possible to manually create them in this part of the admin panel.
  • Menus – allows adding new menus and edit the existing ones as well as manage them and reorder links. You can also describe menu sources.
  • Taxonomy – lets you to customize tags and categorize pages.
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