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Drupal New Vocabulary

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When using the taxonomy feature in Drupal, the CMS assists you with categorizing content using keywords. Taxonomy uses a hierarchical system which is easy to understand and use.

To use Taxonomy, a particular Drupal module has to be installed. It is also recommended to have types of the content defined.

Content management -> Taxonomy -> Add vocabulary

Vocabularies can be allocated to any type of content.

Once taxonomy is allocated to a particular content type, you can use the vocabularies to assist in search filtering, drop down lists, and others.

It is important to remember that the content can be used by more than one vocabulary at a time. The relations of a vocabulary can be customized when new content or new a vocabulary is attached. This ensures everything is up to date. The Drupal taxonomy module allows numerous lists of categories for classification.

The Settings of the taxonomy module can be found in Drupal – Structure – Taxonomy.

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